Saturday, February 5, 2011

this is my ambivalence words

hello blog. im here finally, blogging for you. previously i have made my promise to update something when i have reached kedah. but time seems not enough for me a day. oh should i say that im too enjoying my holiday at home? :p
no current issues to update actually, just went back home to penang. (:
heaven betol dapat makan dekat rumah. kannn kan? 

this is why im proud to be penangite.
batu feringhi wehooo!

i'll be back for shah alam tomorrow. sighh  -_-"
monday would be class as usual lah kan. haih. and oh talking about class, i've got my result for three subject. alhamdulillah, bersyukur sangat sangat! my multimedia result was awwwww-some! tehee. i thought im gonna failed on that subject, but hey, i've survived mommmaa!
cant wait for another two!
i think im gonna stop here. nothing much to say. sorry guys. i'll be back if i have any idea to update. i say IF. he-hee. toodles!

p/s : currently semua orang dok cakap pasal egypt tu kan. seriously scary gila. most people dok update blog, luah pendapat diorang pasal benda tu.
but for me, kerajaan Malaysia  dah tolong sebaik mungkin nak bawak balik those students yang ada dekat sana, tapi suara sumbang orang yang tak reti bersyukur ada jugak nak berkumandang. think positive okay? kalau diorang tak buat kerja, mesti tak kan ada langsung student malaysia yang dapat balik.