Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

take that

when you smiled, you have my undivided attention, 

and when you laughed, you have my urge to laugh with you

and when you said that you loved me, you have my heart forever!

the feelings that you have when final exam ends!

hey peoples, im here, after a while. ha-ha. i know i've been promised to you guys (if there any people still reading by blog, i guess there's no one here), i promised that i will update my blog regularly. but please ignore my 'fake' promises in my previous post :p
i just been pretty busy with study stuff as i just finished my Final exams. wehooo! cool isnt? (:
i just woke up from my sleep, (which i had slept like 10hours!) ha-ha. and now i really miss blogging! i dont care theres any people out there didnt read my blog anymore, but i still going to write (:
talking about my final exam, Alhamdulillah, its all been good. oh except for my last paper, which is Co-curriculum in education. i felt really useless when the question asked me to prepare a budget proposal for a study trip to Bangkok. wht! i've not been taught about that kot! eeeiii. btw, forget about final exam. Redha je, dah buat pon kan.
and oh, on the last day of final exam, i and my sweetheartssss went to celebrate it at Seoul Garden. here's some pixas! enjoy.

i love them!  they're my laughters and tears :')

we ate a loadssss on that day, Subahanallah. we're such a greedy person! we paid RM32 for each person to eat this. its worth right. damnnn full!

ohh i love this guy like crazy :')
what? you guys really thought im gonna post this entry without mentioning him?
teeeeet, failed!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


okay, sorry for not updating my blog. so busy with study stuff and now i'll be having my final exam on monday. (:
as usual, im doing my revision, then ayah called me. ayah were asking me how im doing as last few days im having a bad flu fever! he-he. then, i was asking ayah to top-up for me. they ayah said okay.
after few minutes, ayah sms me the pin number of topup. i was shocked because it is RM30! i asked ayah why its too much. then ayah replied,

" nanti dah tak payah pikir nak topup semua. just focus on your paper. 
i know you badly want the Deanlist right?"

and i was like, so wanna cry! ohmy, i missed ayah and mak so much!