Thursday, April 28, 2011


currently im on the exam mood. is it maya? hehehe :p 
btw, tomorrow would be my last paper for midsem. Teaching English Grammar. go go go maya!
so far, philosophy had killed me. Subhanallah, its very hard. Madam, forgive me. Its not that i didn't study, just that your question is so hard ):
Classroom Management paper was okay. I hope that Teaching English Grammar would be just fine tomorrow. Amiiiin.
Btw, Mr bf also is in exam mood. hewhew. haven't meet him for a week. alah, baru a week kot? hell i don't care! hahaha. Really miss him. Never mind sayang. We've promised to get a great result kan? :p berkorban sikit lah kan! 
That's all i think! Need to put my ass back to study! Take care!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Found something! :8)

indescribable feelings!

hello peeps! hope you guys are in a good condition. well i've just recovered from hot fever! (:
Alhamdulillah, sekarang dah lega. By the way, my previous was about Aizat preparing for the mini concert at MSU right? hehehe :p  The concert was aweesssomeee! Aizat was totally hyperactive! He really loves to jump aorund! ohh my god! Last 20April, there was this charity-program (sort of) was held at MSU. Aizat and Hujan was invited. Nevermind, tak dpat pegi konsert justin bieber, errr, i mean Bruno Mars last few days, i dapat tengok konsert local artist kita (:
I've opened booth to gain some money as im really short right now! biasa lah, suka sangat boros haa. i've sold sandwiches, floats, barbicans. And the most interesting part, (which that nabeel laughing really hard), i sell my clothes! haa, nampak sangat terdesak gaining some money kan? yeah, really desperate. Also i was cleaning my room, thinks that i have a loaaaaaads of clothes that i didnt want to wear anymore. or boring i could say?  :p
 well, as usual. I will left with a pictures! During the event!

He came as a supporter! Sanggup beli baju crew jugak! 

Next will be during the concert! *drumroll please!

noh looks more matured with his new mustache! 

super satisfied with the mini concert, its worth for only rm5! hewhewhew! 

p/s: Saw Aizat smoked after the concert! Never thought he was a smoker! Damn! tak jadi nak buat suami! haha

Thursday, April 14, 2011

jumping all around seeing this!

facebook notifications beeps me early in the morning of friday. then i check my phone. guess what?? Ya Allah! hehehe :p

really hope to go Bruno's Mars concert,  but unfortunately, the tickets sold out .
but now i could see Aizat and Hujan babeyhhhh! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

useful me.

blame me for neglecting this blog, again. haih, tak payah nak cakap lah maya, every entry kau cakap macam tu kan. by the way, im in the new sem now. *perasan tak, every time i update blog, mesti in every different new sem? msu is the one fastest university or im the one who rarely update? well, i can said both maybe, :p
and oh, this is shortsem, where all the pathetic faces you can see every time you entered the class. yes, including me. no doubt. so here i am, woke up early every morning to go to class. to be truth, i always in the home-sick mood. what can i say is this semester is quite, oh not quite. nt really hectic and tough. eventhough there's only 3subjects, but its really killing me. new things to be handle and new things to be learn. and the most thing i need to learn is how to handle my finance. oh my, it flows like a water! demmit. and oh also, im trying NOT to put down tears when it is actually a little things that everyone can figure out how to deal with it. yes, means no more tears. i managed to control it. hehe :p
oh, here some pictures of shortsem  (:

lepaking at jaja's house!

chilling at pavillion with besties!

can i kiss her?  :*

i loveee this one!

they are my tears and laughters during this campus life! i dont know how i can live without 'em. lame enough? and oh, to be more lame, i will include nabeel fikri! (eh hello as usual :p) who always there beside me, no matter what. hoho! there's many kind of boys out there i've met, and i really grateful that i have found nabeel! Alhamdulillah! haha, lame kan? helll i dont give a damn! 

so, i'll stop here i guess. take care people!