Monday, January 31, 2011

a day with snowbell.

sorry for neglecting you my dear blog, please forgive me ):
i really dont have much time to update you, dear baby.
and when uploading photos, sempat lagi boleh mandi, sembahyang and even makan!
see, how much long i have to wait.
i will update you soon, when i reach kedah! wehooo
online dekat rumah guna wifi laju laju!
see you soon my dear baby blog!

Monday, January 10, 2011

awesome three years ^^

  we tend to argue for a lot of things,
 he goes right, i go left.
i wanna watch cute love movies, he wants action movies.
i loves to read blog, he plays games.
im a snob, he's soooo friendly.
he eats burger with sauce and mayo, but i likes eating it plain without any sauce or mayo.

i cant believe how far we have come, so here it is,

Friday, January 7, 2011

this week is a pathetic week. trust me.

2day more for mid sem and what the- im doing here, typing for my blog. wakaka. its really funny how fast time has flies now. rasa macam baru register for the second semester and now i will be sitting for my mid sem exam. since the mid-sem exam is around the corner, oh should i say this monday, its totally drives me like craaaaaaaaaaaazaaaay -.-
there are many things in my mind. mid-sem exam, storyboard project for my multimedia subject and oh my supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer massive 3years anniversary <3 :p

and like i said just now, how fast time flies. 2months from now, there will be for final. what the - lagi sekali. HAHA. i actually extremely cant wait to finish this semester as im looking forward for my short semester. i cant wait to get it all done. hope for the next semester wouldnt be stressful like this semester. but who am i kidding, LOL. makin lama makin susah, especially for the multimedia subject errrgggh! -.-

anyways, im hurting my brain for studying last minute. HAHA. i knew i shouldnt study for the last minute, but, this is how im studying maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
please pray for me peeeeeeps!

via: tumblr

p/s; please ignore my grammar error okay. practicing to adapt english to my blog. wish me luck! (:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

mid-semester exam seems cant wait to meet me!

 its 8.53pm, im suppose to finish up my multimedia assignment that really stressed me. but now here i am, doing this blogging thingy. hell yeah! cool aite? wakakaka.

and this monday will be my first paper for mid semester exam. lagi cool! :D
this time i will make sure that i'll prepare for my exams, cukup masa, no more last minute study maya, please lah, wake up! i hope i will not falling in love with last minute study  (well who doesnt aite? hehe) again. i hope i will score for this exam as it will affect for my finals. hope sangat lah kan maya? ni boleh lagi main blog, suppose kau pegi buat notes maya! :p

okay, i think im done. so meet my exam timetable!

monday 10/1/2011 9-11am

wednesday 12/1/2011 1-3pm

thursday 13/1/2011 9-11am

friday 14/1/2011 3-5pm