Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's been a while, dear blog

Wow. Almost a year i didn't update anything. Kesiannya my dear blog. Heh. Rasanya semua readers memang dah lari :p Soon, i will update more. Don't worry blog, :)

I'll keep my promise!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Endless me.

Again, I have been harsh to my blog as I have been neglected it for a loooong while! Hehe. I have been on a blog vacation this few months, I've guess :p And InsyaAllah, I'll be back for good (:
Anyways, Midsem had over! All the stress have been released and let go of. Sigh. I totally don't like exam without a gap! Feel like wanna kill myself! Talking bout exam, I hope that all my efforts worth, as I am lack of my sleeping time, of course, for studying. Luckily, it is in Ramadhan! So I can cracking my brain after sahur :)
Everything went well, err.. except for Sociology paper. Nevermind, I have done it, just hope that I at least pass that paper! Amin! Because like seriously, Im not looking forward at ever repeating for any subject of this semester. This semester have been, well, like a real pain in the butt!
Enough with the study stuff I think, Blerggh! haha
Since I have done with my midsem exam, now I am looking forward for Kulim, of course, for Raya! Wihihi.
Oh ya, I have lost my weight..... like a bit. :p

By the way, me missed Nabeel Fikri so much :( Busy with stuff and study, make me and him not seeing for each other for a loooong time, it's like... once a month baru dpt jumpa. Hhhmm, have to get used of this. He will be far away with me sooner or later. :\

That's all I think, will update more... soon (promise!) as I will be back for good to Kulim! Can't wait actually!

badly wanna go place like this!
Badly I need a vacation!
Island would be awesome

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The best part about being in a relationship!

hey guys! I just found this from Tumblr and wanted to share here :)

"It’s knowing that you can turn to someone whenever you need them. It’s having someone to sleep next to, to hug and to kiss when your days seem bleak. Just those things alone can brighten up your day. It’s knowing that someone loves you back. It’s getting a call or text in the morning saying, “Good morning babe”. It’s knowing that someone accepts you for who you are. It’s when you sleep over each other’s houses but you don’t do anything besides watching movies or playing video games. Then after, you get to wake up while they’re still asleep. It’s looking at them and then remembering how lucky you are to have someone like them in your life. Those are the best parts"


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hye baby Juneee!

Hye everyone. Currently im here in Kulim, spending my two-weeks-holiday. Just stuck here at home, sigh. By the way, nothing to update so far. And oh yeah, Nabeel had met my parent last Monday! ngauumm auum :)
And even we had a quality-lunch-time together. Phewww, I was so damn nervous. Alhamdulillah, everything went well. And seems like Ayah was comfortable talking to Nabeel. ouch!
I was really bored today, so i've made some changes to my blog to make it more interesting. But seems like it looks like just-not-bad. haha. I also made my new account for tumblr. still learning to explore it. people said that tumblr is more fun and awesome, so why dont i try seems like i have nothing to do! :)
Well, it is already June! Just hope that June will be nice to us. hihi. Take care!

rasa nak sepak je dua dua ni

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i wish i'll have this moment again.

Pretty startled looking at my obsolete blog.

Hallo everyone, long time no see. I've been neglected this blog for a long time, i've guess. Sorry, i'm not the kind of people who have ideas to update everyday. Not have enough of time, to be truth. hihi. I'm now busy preparing to end my shortsem wehooo! Had registered the new subjects for the next semester. Phewwww, 5 subjects as usual. Demmit. Have to work harder for the next semester, no matter how hard it is. No one will tell you what to do Maya, you have to do all by yourself. By the way, I already got the last semester result. Hhhm, nothing to say. I was really upset. But somehow I'm really grateful. 0.37 more to Dean's List. Still can't make Mak and Ayah proud ):
But Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for the result (:

Oh ya, yesterday was my Birthday! :B my 19th birthday. ohmy, time flies really fast isn't? ohh come onnn, ain't no legal, i'm still a kid! hihi. Thanks for those who wish for my birthday! hehe. Love you guys!
I cried early morning of 15may as i could't celebrate my birthday with my parent this year. hhhmm  ):
Nabeel pick me up as usual to have a dinner together in the night. I didn't expecting anything at all. I wondering while entering his car, as he wore formal! With the formal shirt. hihi. then i asked him, where we're going? why you wear like this, b? he just smiled. Ohmaaaaan, at that moment, I can't  put my smile away from my face! so do him. hehe.
During the journey, I just can't shut my mouth from asking him where actually we're going. He just smiled, again. So geraaaam with him! hihi.
Finally, after more than one hour, we arrived there.

taraaa! haven restaurant at menara tinjau!

the place wass aaaaaaaaaaaaaweesome. thank you baby! (:

you can see the view of whole kl from hereee!
cool ain't?

big boss nak order makan. 
jgn kacau :p

He was more excited than I am!

Dinner time!

I just thought that he surprised me with the dinner, never thought that there will be another surprise :8)
promptly at 12, the waitress at the restaurant sing a birthday song and bring the cake!  I was like, What??? Subhanallah, I LOVE YOU NABEEL FIKRI! 
felt like wanna hug him at that moment! <3 totally speechless and burst my tears at the moment. :')

perfect moment. 
chocolate ice-cream cake with the view of kl.
can u see the klcc? 

i'm the most happiest girl in the entire world!

to Nabeel Fikri, i couldn't say more sayang! myriad thanks to you baby. i love you so much!

that's all i think. will update more about the presents! hihihi. and oh, also the surprises given by my lovely babes. see ya in the next entry! loveeesss!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


currently im on the exam mood. is it maya? hehehe :p 
btw, tomorrow would be my last paper for midsem. Teaching English Grammar. go go go maya!
so far, philosophy had killed me. Subhanallah, its very hard. Madam, forgive me. Its not that i didn't study, just that your question is so hard ):
Classroom Management paper was okay. I hope that Teaching English Grammar would be just fine tomorrow. Amiiiin.
Btw, Mr bf also is in exam mood. hewhew. haven't meet him for a week. alah, baru a week kot? hell i don't care! hahaha. Really miss him. Never mind sayang. We've promised to get a great result kan? :p berkorban sikit lah kan! 
That's all i think! Need to put my ass back to study! Take care!