Sunday, August 7, 2011

Endless me.

Again, I have been harsh to my blog as I have been neglected it for a loooong while! Hehe. I have been on a blog vacation this few months, I've guess :p And InsyaAllah, I'll be back for good (:
Anyways, Midsem had over! All the stress have been released and let go of. Sigh. I totally don't like exam without a gap! Feel like wanna kill myself! Talking bout exam, I hope that all my efforts worth, as I am lack of my sleeping time, of course, for studying. Luckily, it is in Ramadhan! So I can cracking my brain after sahur :)
Everything went well, err.. except for Sociology paper. Nevermind, I have done it, just hope that I at least pass that paper! Amin! Because like seriously, Im not looking forward at ever repeating for any subject of this semester. This semester have been, well, like a real pain in the butt!
Enough with the study stuff I think, Blerggh! haha
Since I have done with my midsem exam, now I am looking forward for Kulim, of course, for Raya! Wihihi.
Oh ya, I have lost my weight..... like a bit. :p

By the way, me missed Nabeel Fikri so much :( Busy with stuff and study, make me and him not seeing for each other for a loooong time, it's like... once a month baru dpt jumpa. Hhhmm, have to get used of this. He will be far away with me sooner or later. :\

That's all I think, will update more... soon (promise!) as I will be back for good to Kulim! Can't wait actually!

badly wanna go place like this!
Badly I need a vacation!
Island would be awesome

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