Thursday, April 28, 2011


currently im on the exam mood. is it maya? hehehe :p 
btw, tomorrow would be my last paper for midsem. Teaching English Grammar. go go go maya!
so far, philosophy had killed me. Subhanallah, its very hard. Madam, forgive me. Its not that i didn't study, just that your question is so hard ):
Classroom Management paper was okay. I hope that Teaching English Grammar would be just fine tomorrow. Amiiiin.
Btw, Mr bf also is in exam mood. hewhew. haven't meet him for a week. alah, baru a week kot? hell i don't care! hahaha. Really miss him. Never mind sayang. We've promised to get a great result kan? :p berkorban sikit lah kan! 
That's all i think! Need to put my ass back to study! Take care!


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